Direct, low latency control of a Game Creek Mobile Unit from Anywhere

Custom IP platform leveraging existing fast-forward technology and 15 years of engineering expertise in remote command and control and media over IP networks.

GCV Anywhere provides a unique opportunity to keep fixed facility and equipment costs low, reduce on site personnel and travel and reduce venue bandwidth costs, all while retaining full onsite production resources and control remotely with Game Creek flexibility.

Example GCV Anywhere Remote Operator Station

GCV Anywhere Network Node (GCT)
“With GCV Anywhere, we’re solving the problem of how to conduct a production at a distance – leaving all the major assets in place on the truck but shifting production crew and operators back home. The client can customize their workflow for the different operating positions, and GCV Anywhere is the centerpiece that enables all of that. It manages the bandwidth, video encoding and decoding, comms, and so on. That way, we can offer the client this transport piece in the middle and allow them to choose the pieces they need on both ends.”

Jason Taubman – SVP Of Technology

Examples of IP Applications

  • Commentary & Announce
  • EVS Operator Control
  • Robotic Camera
  • Video Control
  • IP Audio
  • Communications
  • Router Control
  • Video & Audio
  • Graphics Operation
  • Contribution & Transport

GCV Anywhere Technical Features

Cellular connectivity for command and control with earlier uptime, remote admin, and emergency backup

250 ms encoding/decoding latency

Fleet compatibility – ubiquitous throughout the GCV fleet and other mobile facilities providers

Layer 3 IP routing infrastructure across the fleet with integrated VPN

Full production resources available via remote IP control – no compromises

Transport of multiviewers & command/control, low bandwidth/latency monitoring or remote contribution

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